Hotkey issue on Windows, cannot fix with Restricted mode, but does not happen with sandbox

Having Hotkey issues with my current vault through one of my Windows device.

Hi, I’ve been using obsidian for sometime across few devices. I’ve just suddenly found an issue only on my windows PC that I cannot use any hotkeys that is supposed to invoke commands in command palette. Happened particularly on my one and only vault and one of my PC. No issue with other general hotkeys like ctrl+c, ctrl+v.
(I also access the vault thru my workplace PC and iPad, these two work perfectly fine.)

All the hotkeys, including plug-in related, were working normally until few hours ago. Now, I cannot do alt+N, alt+O, all the core command palette hotkeys

Things I have tried

I tried restarted / reinstall obsidian, restart my PC nothing changes. I turn on restricted mode and uninstall all plugins, the issue still remained. However, opening new sandbox vault seems to work perfectly fine.

I currently am unable to recreate this ‘bug’? as I still have no clue how it happened.

Also should I create a new vault and relocate my files to there? If this still continues?

Thank you and appreciate your help. :pray:

When you turned on Restricted Mode, did you close and reopen your vault afterward? Sometimes plugins need that to fully unload (hopefully someday that will change). That may also be the case when removing plugins.

If that works, the problem is a plugin and you’ll need to track it down (the Divide and Conquer plugin can help if you have many).

If not, what you can try instead of moving your files to a new folder is move the hidden .obsidian folder (which contains the vault settings) out of the vault, then close and reopen the vault.

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So I duplicate my markdown files and make a new vault in new location. Problem solved. Thanks for the suggestion. :pray:

But I’ll try and play around the old vault to see what was wrong within that old setting. I tried the Restricted mode with all uninstalled plugins, everything is still the same.

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