Hotkey - insert line break

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What I’m trying to do

I’d like a hotkey to insert the line break char “

I’d normally use Shift+Enter, but this doesn’t seem to work by default in Obsidian.
Is there somewhere I can define it?

Things I have tried

Normally I just type “
” - it’d be quicker with a hotkey tho.

Apologies, I didn’t think the forum would replace my quoted line breaks with actual line breaks, and I don’t seem to be able to edit my original post.

To clarify; I would like to define a hotkey to insert a line break. I normally type the following “<br>” (obviously minus the leading escape char if you see it).

I’ve also tried using a double space, but Obsidian does not seem to insert a line break for this.

My goal is to have a single hotkey, hopefully Shift+Enter that inserts this string.

Thanks for your help.

Try enabling this strict line break option under Settings > Editor. Two spaces after a sentence/paragraph should give you a line break.

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It’s kind of strange that you can’t get Shift+Return to work, so you might want to look a bit further into that. However, in addition to the two spaces setting mentioned by @ariehen , you could also consider to make a template with the line shift of your choice, and connect that to a hotkey.

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