Hotkey for Hiding/Minimizing the window

Window should minimize/hide on cmd + h default keybinding

This is standard behaviour on macOS for most applications and it is not currently doing anything else anyways.

Possible workaround:
Isn’t there any other working hotkey that could be remapped by Keyboard Maestro to cmd+h?

On Windows 7, WinKey+ArrowDown works.

I later realized that cmd + h is used for search & replace.

My workflow was hiding all windows to access files on the desktop, but you could possibly do that with 4 finger pinch. Does any other app do cmd + h for search & replace thought?

It’s Win+D on Windows.

Sincie 0.12.2 removed the default ⌘M (Minimize) shortcut for macOS, I found this workaround for people who actually want that shortcut due to muscle memory or whatever.

  1. Go to System Preferences > Keyboard and then click the Shortcuts tab > App Shortcuts
  2. Click the (+) icon
  3. Choose Obsidian from the menu, and type “Minimize” for the menu title and ⌘M as the keyboard shortcut
  4. Click Add

Should look like this:

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Great!Thank you ! This helped me a lot, I’ve been using macOS for years but didn’t know it was possible to set shortcuts like this.
Although using Command+H(Hide) does almost the same thing like Command+M(Minimize), but hiding Window doesn’t have the nice animation (Genie effect) of minimizing window.