Hotkey combo to delete paragraph: Am I missing something?

Just noticed I can delete a paragraph using Shift-Command-K, not just Command-D.

As far as I can tell, this isn’t listed anywhere; not in Command Palette or, or mentioned in the Forum.

Just wondering if this is just another sign of my losing grasp on reality, or if I’m missing something.


This is just to confirm…


Weird! Confirmed on Windows as well, with Shift-Ctrl-K. Does not copy the removed value to my clipboard.

If you go to “Settings” → “Hotkeys” and try to assign Shift-Command-K to some other functionality, does it show up as conflicting?

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It’s part of the default keymap of the codemirror 6 editor


Oh that is really cool, thanks @koala ! Any chance that could be added to the “Hotkeys” page in the Obsidian help, or some other appropriate spot?

No conflicts on my mac; I assigned insert Callout to it, since Callout begins with a K :grin:

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