Hotkey+click Tag/Link to add at cursor

It would be nice to be able to quickly add a link or tag directly from tag pane or vault explorer. This could be done with a hotkey+click or even a drag and drop. I edited the drag and drop suggestion out, but now that it’s merged and I see that others are also suggesting this, I am adding it back.

Anyways, I think this would simplify the linking and tagging process. It could even work on links and tags in side by side notes. Thanks.


There is a drag and drop links feature request already:

Mind adding your vote there and modifying this post to focus on the add-by-click idea? (Or I could edit it, up to you!)

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Got it. Thanks. Will do a better search next time before posting.

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And this post requests for Hotkey+Click too
Drag from backlinks to note to drop a link into a note

Ha. Cool. 0 for 2. I will do better next time. Still getting the hang of this. Thanks.

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Not that. But to help “promote” the request you just put up that there are “real” demand out there.

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