Hotkey / automatically show conflicting hotkeys at the top

Use case or problem

When adding a hotkey that is already assigned I get warning with 2 commands with conflicts.`

But I need to then scroll all the way through, till I find the red marked ones and do something about the conflict.

Proposed solution

Show the conflicting hotkeys at the top of the page right next to each other.

Current workaround (optional)

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Related feature requests (optional)

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Thanks in advance!

The keyboard combination that conflicts with an existing one turns red (with the default Obsdian theme). Click it: only the conflicting bindings are now displayed and can be edited.

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I have to click the conflicting hotkey! Thanks! That was not intuitive for me.

Tried clicking

You made my life a lot easier! So have a great day. You are my personal hero of the day!