Hotkey assignments lost when a plugin is disabled

Steps to reproduce

  1. Activate a third-party plugin that includes commands
  2. Assign a hotkey to one or more plugin commands
  3. Disable the plugin (without uninstalling), then re-enable it.

Expected result

Hotkey definitions assigned in step 2 should still exist, as such plugins retain all their other configuration settings, just not the hotkeys.

Actual result

Hotkey definitions are lost.


  • Operating system: Windows 7
  • Obsidian version: 0.9.22, 0.10.1

Additional information

This is a bit of a barrier to trying to reproduce bugs with plugins disabled, since the penalty for disabling a plugin is to lose all your hotkey definitions for it. It seems the hotkeys for a plugin should be stored alongside its configuration data and merged into the main config at plugin load time, so you don’t lose it unless you uninstall the plugin.


Came here to report this same problem. It’s a real doozy if you have customized a lot of hotkeys.

I’m on macOS / Obs 0.10.2

Hope this can be improved.

I have got the same issue:

  • Windows 10, Obsidian 0.10.9

Btw, a workaround is to save a copy of the .obsidian/config file before disabling a plugin, as that is where the hotkeys are stored. You then need to restore the backup to get your keys back.

will be fixed 0.10.12

Woohoo! Now there’s a good excuse to become an Insider. :wink: Now I guess I just have to wait for my badges to show up.