Hotfolder/Watched folder functionality to ingest documents into Obsidian

Use case or problem

This may be more in-scope for a plugin, but the use case is this:

I have tons of legacy stuff on paper-- not just my old notebooks and things, but also new things I get handed that may be worth retaining (doctors’ notes, auto repair records, etc.). I have a scanner with a “scan to network folder” button. I’d like to be able to drop a doc on the scanner’s feeder, hit that button, and walk away, then later find that document in my knowledge body.

Proposed solution

Support a watched folder that works along these lines…

Currently, I use Joplin for my knowledge body. I have a plugin set in Joplin to watch a specific folder in my filesystem (fwiw, not within the folders of my Joplin data). Any time an item appears in that folder, it is picked up, ingested into Joplin (that is, the file is moved into the directory of attachments) and a note is created, titled with the file’s name, in a folder within Joplin that I can peruse and organize at my leisure.

Current workaround (optional)

My options from Obsidian (as far as I can tell) are to do this manually, or write some script to do this outside of Obsidian (i.e., move the file, and create a .md file containing it as an attachment).

My other (not great) option would be to continue to use Joplin and import that stuff to Obsidian periodically-- or even just keep Joplin for these kinds of records (but I don’t want to maintain two knowledge bodies).

Related feature requests (optional)

I looked for this in several places, but there are a lot of different terms it could be-- I didn’t see anything for hotfolders or watched folders.