Hot Reload Plugins when changes detected on file


Has anyone gotten plugin hotloading to work? I did see an oldish plugin for this however I didn’t have success when trying it (changes to my plugin were never noticed until I restart obsidian).

Have the developers considered building plugin hotloading into the app? Apologies if I missed a discussion or documentation around this, I’m still quite new to obsidian especially on the developer front.


Edit: I’m running this on Windows 11 Pro latest version, obsidan desktop v 1.0.3

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There is a Force Reload in the menues, does that do what you want?

Did not. I have log statements in my modified plugin and I don’t see them after a modification by either method of filewatching (I assume the plugin implements this?), not the “Hot Reload: Check plugins for changes and reload them” command item.

Also going to edit the above post to contain my version info.

Oh, I had not read about the .hotreload file - I think once I added that to my new plugin’s folder, I’m about to do both operations (hotload by filewatch and by command) - appears to be working!

New question: if I place a .hotreload folder at the base of the plugins folder, will it just watch all of them for changes?

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