Hot keys setup for a beginner

How do I set up to use them? I see that there are scripts used. Where do I paste the scripts? I have a Mac OS Catalina.

I have never used a program like Obsidian, and know very little about programing.


Obsidian has its own hotkeys setup that you can easily modify without programming. Go to Settings -> Hotkeys to see the list of Obsidian actions that you can link to hotkeys. Not all are set up for use. To create the hotkeys, click on the asterisk and type the keys you want to use to automate the activity.

A couple of warnings are in order. First, it will let you apply an existing hotkey to more than one action. It does give you a warning if you do that. Second, when you add plug-ins, they can have their own hotkeys that may conflict with hotkeys that already exist.

You can use text expanders and queries or create your own plug-ins, but that can require programming.

I hope that helps!


Thank you for the good advice. It’s obvious that I need to think more about how to arrange all the hard keys on my computer not just obsidian by itself. Remembering is a problem but also understanding with the keys are for is a problem. Anyway I can tell this is quite complicated. So thank you very much.