Hot Key to Remove Line Feed

I tried getting an answer on the help section, but so far without any result, so I will try here.

see: Hot Key to Remove New Line Charaters; was CONTROL + N before V 1.0

Maybe this is a bug.

I used this to convert text that was made by an OCR program, and it has lots of extra CR/LF characters. Was this a feature embedded in the old pre-V1 of Obsidian? Maybe the hotkey changed, but I can not find a listing for it under the “Hot keys”

What I’m trying to do

Nope, sorry!

thanks for the reply.

I updated tonight to v 1.03 and CONTROL + N works again to remove extra line feed characters. Try it. I’m on a MAC. I add LF characters in the middle of a paragraph. Then there are two paragraphs. I select characters between the end of the first paragraph and the beginning of the second one I made. Once the selection is made, I type Control + N and the paragraphs become one again. I made another test and turned OFF all Community plugins, and it stopped working again… I guess I have to look closer at the plugins I have installed… I found it in Hotkeys++

It’s a hidden jewel.

Some of the plugins is doing this, maybe you can find out by looking in the hotkeys section