Hot-key for naming links; filter template in graph view; restore button in graph view; standard image sizes

Use case or problem 1

I have not found a way to quickly name the link. So, I want a command that ‘word’ transformed to this,

Proposed solution 1

Hot-key, like CMD+SHIFT+X, or maybe two times clicking a hot-key for creating links

Use case or problem 2

I prefer template for filters module in graph view options that allow me to switch views (so template filters)
For example, I would like to quickly see my notes in “path:books”, I choose something in graph view options instead of typing every time this filters "path:books"

From this filter template -path:Daily - path:Sketches

To this filter template path:Books

Proposed solution 2

A section in filters with set templates
Somewhere here

Use case or problem 3

I am afraid of clicking the restore button instead of the quit button since I have humongous customization.
Capture d’écran 2021-10-02 à 21.56.29

Proposed solution 3

To place the button restore graph view settings at another place safe place, and make some notice before restoration.

Use case or problem 4

I often take screenshots and drag them to the obsidian, and as they have different sizes in the note they look untidy and messy in the Preview mode.

Proposed solution 4

To create an opportunity in Settings/Files&Links to choose some standard sizes n, m for the picture when inserting/dragging