Horizontal Scroll Bar for Left Panel

Hello, for those of us using Obsidian on a laptop, could you please add a horizontal scroll bar for the left pane. When I try to work with two open windows on the right side, I have to adjust the left side panel back and forth to be able to see the folder structure. A scroll bar would make this unnecessary and much easier to navigate as needed. Thanks for the great program!

If I remember right, the sidebar used to scroll horizontally and it was changed. But you can add horizontal scrolling with a CSS snippet. I think someone may have posted one already somewhere in the forum.

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I don’t know why they would have changed it. It seems like such a basic thing when you can scroll the other other windows horizontally.
I’ll try the snippet, though…

That works! Thanks!
Here’s the snippet, for anyone else:

.nav-files-container {
overflow-x: auto;

.nav-file-title, .nav-folder-title {
width: max-content;

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Personally, I disliked it. It caused the sidebar contents to often wander side to side when I scrolled, which wasted half my scroll input and looked janky while doing it. Also AFAIK the way it is now is more standard.