Horizontal line(---) appearance bug

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Steps to reproduce

Hello, I want to report a bug regarding the horizontal line in reading mode (not editing mode).

1. Go to "open graph view" 2. Go to a file 3. (please refer to the video) you can see that the horizontal lines appear. However, they are actually horizontal lines in the headings. I don't know if the horizontal lines in the video is from within the heading or if they just magically appeared out of nowhere. To "erase" them, all I have to do is click the heading and click it again. It disappears. You can see me do this in the images I've attached below . To get rid of all the "poking out" horizontal lines, I use the shortcut "ctrl + e" and the remaining lines disappear... I don't know why this is happening. I use a custom theme so I thought that was the problem but it wasn't as the same bug was reproduced when I used the default theme and settings. Please help

Expected result

After clicking on the file from the “open graph view”, I should NOT be seeing those horizontal lines.

Actual result

Lines poked out…


  • Operating system: Windows
  • Debug info:

Additional information


I really struggle to understand what your problem is.

Also, there’s no video.