Hopefully a very simple question

Greetings from St Helens, Tasmania, Australia

I’m fast becoming a big fan of Obsidian, after many years of trying to find the perfect knowledge management system.

Just the first of probably many questions :slight_smile: when typing and something ‘auto-completes’ what is the fastest way using the keyboard to ‘jump over’ the ‘auto-completion’ so you can keep typing; e.g. typing “[[word” and it auto-completes the closing brackets.

I’m on a Mac.

I use the vim mode which makes it way easy, but I am not sure if what would be the way to do it in normal mode. In vim mode, you can press Esc and then press e or w to do to the end of the word.

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Last time I used Vim was back in the 80’s and 90’s but I have been meaning to familiarise myself with the key commands again. Now may be the time :slight_smile:

Thanks for the fast reply.

Does this help?
Jump to end of a line – Command+Right Arrow
Jump to end of all text – Command+Down Arrow

12 Keyboard Shortcuts for Navigating & Selecting Text in Mac OS X


Thanks @s-kyy

Exactly what I was looking for. Have stored your link in my knowledge base now :+1: