Hope enhance Image/GIF/Audio/Video features in Obsidian

As you know Eagle https://en.eagle.cool/ is a collect, search and organize your image files tool.

As we know Obsidian is focused on markdown note files tool.

But when we organize note-book file, we also need to organize image files, right ?

Whatever you’re designer or not, most people need organize image files.

So, let’s take a look at Eagle’s features

Hierarchical Folder, Tag Management, filter , search, clipper .

Look this layout, it’s really simillar with Obsidian, right ?
Hierarchical Folder in the left ,
The middle is viewer.
The right is like the pane for organize tag, backlink ,etc.

So, The idea is comming,

Why not we organize image files in Obisidan ?

Why we need 2 tools to organize note files and image files ?

What if Obsidian integrated images features ?

What for ? simply and powerful answer: for more and more convince

Get the point ?

I know, Obisidan is not a specific image management tool, but we could try to integrate image features .

As a image tool , I don’t think they(Eagle) will add more advanced note features. such as , add backlink feature? , add graph view feature .

That’s not make sense for a image tool , right ?

So, I think there’s a possible add image features in the note tools.

Usually our image files are placed /attachment/img folders in Obsidian.

So when we open the img file, we’ll orangize image files ,like in Eagle tool.

If you don’t understand , you can try import one fo exist Obisidan vault to Eagle, play around it , you’ll get experience .

like this

Feature request

There’re some important image features what I think .
I’m not saying add all image features in Obisidan, just a little important.

1. Support file formates.

Eagle support 78 file formates

Currently , Obisidan support 19 file formates. https://publish.obsidian.md/help/Advanced+topics/Accepted+file+formats

2. Zoom bar


3. Gif player

4. File details/ Properties


5. Audio player

6. Image List

7. Browse image

8. Customize the Mouse wheel behavior as you preferred

9. Leave notes in a specific timestamp of the video

10. Video Player

I think these 10 features are enough for most user cases. What do you think ?


Contrary to the focus that Obsidian is a markdown-based note taker, this array and buffet of elements is desirable and valuable towards a content-creative and artistic audience. Although there is a limit to how big Obsidian’s scope is; there are suites such as a expanded image viewer, video and audio player that can create benefits for a easier and digestible navigation through Obsidian’s UI .

This is a great post! I also found a new program to use, thank you for sharing!

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I also use eagle for pic management and am seeking better ways to organize these figure attachments with eagle and obsidian. It is really hard to make the two software work seamlessly together. I think there is a long way before the dream solution comes out, so I share some ideas of me on using eagle together with obsidian, and welcome other suggestions.

To enable obsidian to index the eagle library, I make an eagle library for each obsidian vault and set the library folder (ELibFolder) as the attachment folder for obsidian. Of course, the ELibFolder should be in the obsidian vault.

insert images in eagle into the note in obsidian

I can use ![[ ]] to insert an image by typing the name of the image name in eagle. This means I should keep a good image file naming habit. However, I can not drag and drop the figures in eagle directly to the obsidian note, till now.

paste an image into an obsidian note and eagle gets in charge of the image file.

Here I use the auto-import function of eagle. It can set a folder to watch any newcomers in the folder (for example, EWatFolder) and then import them into the eagle library folder (I.e., ELibFolder). The auto-import folder function in eagle is also very helpful. When I set the default attachment folder in obsidian as EWatFolder, the images I paste directly into the obsidian notes can be automatically imported into eagle library. I set the ‘inner link type’ option in obsidian to ‘shortest type’. Thus, these pasted image links will be only the names of the files. Thus, after eagle imports these image files, obsidian can still correctly find them. However, the only thing is I can not change the image file name freely in obsidian. Because eagle does not automatically upate the image name in app to keeping up with the changes of the image file name. It is really a pity, but I can still see the image in eagle app.

I think eagle app can add the file name tracking mechanism in the software. Then, the above workflow can be in a better closed-loop.

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