Hook links now possible to underlying note

Continuing the discussion from Obsidian Release v0.8.1 (insider build):

Thank you for the outliner plugin and now making it possible with a right-click to either open the note with a default md app, or to open the folder in which the flie is located. This makes it now possible to create a hook link ([hookproductivity.com](http://hook productivity.com)) so I can link the file to another file from another application.



If I understand correctly, though, this is more a workaround than anything—it’s not yet possible to Hook into a note inside Obsidian, right? You’re creating Hook links to the file on the filesystem and then opening it in other applications?

Correct it is a workaround that was actually always possible - but this makes it easier and more elegant compared to the crude way I had to do it.

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This does require briefly opening Finder to create the Hook link, but here’s a way to make it fairly painless…

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Perhaps someone better at Keyboard Maestro – @ryanjamurphy ? – can help with this:

As I just wrote, I’m very happy about “Show in Folder.” What I’d really like to use this for, however, is putting onto my clipboard a link to the current Obsidian note, so that when I navigate to another note or a create a new one, I can start by pasting a link to the note I will just have come from. I’m now trying to do that (on macOS) with a Keyboard Maestro macro to do the following, but I’m having trouble getting “Get File Attribute” to work. Here’s what I’m looking to do:

  1. From Obsidian, use the “Show in Folder” command (I use ⌘⌥-O as a hotkey), which opens up the Finder with currently focal Obsidian note selected in Finder.
  2. Get the filename from the selected file (ideally only the “base name” of the file, without the .md extension)
  3. Add Wiki-brackets to the result [[base filename]] in the clipboard (could also be done later, during the pasting)
  4. At that point, I can navigate to another note in Obsidian, and paste the link, as a bidirectional backlink.

Any thoughts on how to get this to work? Perhaps a feature request for a plugin?

@AutonomyGaps In Obsidian, there is command/hotkey named “Edit file title” that selects filename without “.md” extension which can be copied then. (Default value is “F2”, I use “Alt+D”).
There is also command/hotkey “Copy file path”.

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Thanks for mentioning this! I’ve streamlined my KeyboardMaestro shortcut:

  1. Activate “Edit file title”
  2. Copy & return
  3. Wiki-wrap the title, in the clipboard.
    Screenshot attached of KM settings: