Homepage suggest incorrect installer version on Windows 7

Steps to reproduce

Download suggested Obsidian installer on Windows 7. Install and run Obsidian.

Expected result

Obsidian version working on Windows 7.

Actual result

Obsidian installed but not working on Windows 7 due procedure entry point not found in shell32.dll.

Partly solution

Detect Windows 7 on Obsidian homepage and suggest installer version 1.1.16. Partly due to the fact that in order to update to the latest version, the user will need to install a non-working version, remove it, reinstall 1.1.16 and enable automatic updates. This helped me update Obsidian to v1.3.4 (Installer version: v1.1.16) on Windows 7.


Thanks for the Obsidian and your hard work. Sandy and Blaze are so cute :heart_eyes_cat:

There is no suggested installer for windows 7 because we don’t support windows 7/8.1 anymore. Sorry!

It’s not a problem. Сurrent behavior of the installer and homepage is incorrect. It is possible to detect Windows 7 and say it isn’t supported. Then suggest the old version without support or don’t suggest. Anyway, silence is bad practice. Imho, the old version is better than nothing. Even without support. But now I have v1.3.4 on Windows 7 via automatic update and it seems to be fully working.


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