Homepage plugin doesn't find my daily note!


I’ve got my daily note set up to create in a “Daily Notes” folder. However the Homepage plugin will only open my daily note if it’s in the root directory. It doesn’t seem to find it when it’s somewhere else.

I can’t see a setting for the Homepage plugin where you can specify where it should look to find the daily note.

Surely it doesn’t assume daily notes are stored in the top-level directly? Does anyone know how I should set this up?

I recommend using core Obsidian if you want your daily notes to be your homepage

Core plugins > Daily Notes (toggle on)

Daily Notes > “Open daily note on startup” (toggle on)

You can click this icon whenever you want to open it

Make sure set up your date format and template (if you have one.) Here’s the momentjs format reference: Moment.js | Docs

You can specify a folder using / to seperate each folder name

Let me add an update. If I turn on “auto-create” in the Homepage plugin settings, the plugin finds the daily note in my “Daily Notes” folder. With this setting off, it doesn’t.

I think this is a bug. I’ve logged an issue at their GitHub repo.

I’m already using the core plugin and know how it works. I use Homepage in addition as it gives me additional functionality that the core plugin doesn’t have.

Thanks for the suggestion though.

What’s the full format of your daily notes?

for example,

  • In the daily notes plugin, the default: YYY-MM-DD. Then “new file location” set to my “Daily Notes” folder.
  • In the Homepage plugin, the format is set the same, with “use date formatting” and “open on startup”.

This is the correct configuration as far as I know. And if you keep your daily notes in the root directory, works fine.

Also note (that I just discovered) if you select “auto-create” in the Homepage settings, Homepage finds your daily note in the folder specified in the daily notes core plugin. If you don’t have auto-create on, then it only finds them when they’re in root. So the problem seems like a bug.

Could you try [Daily Notes]/YYYY-MM-DD? It could be misreading your non-moment text as a moment string

Homepage is an independent plugin

Thanks! Yep, that works. So does \D\a\i\l\y \N\o\t\e\s/YYYY-MM-DD.

Have been chatting with the dev over at GitHub. The behaviour with auto-create still isn’t clear. But a solution has been found.

Appreciate your help!

I read through the plugin code and the workaround you found involves the processing with the MomentJS API

dailynotesAutorun appears to be the only place where daily notes is mentioned,

		if (dailynotesAutorun) {
				text: `This setting has been disabled, as it isn't compatible with Daily Notes' "Open daily note on startup" functionality. To use it, disable the Daily Notes setting.`, 
				attr: {class: "mod-warning"}

dailynotesAutorun checks if daily notes has the “run on startup” setting enabled and prohibits use of homepage startup if it is

The way the plugin processes nonextant files vs extant files is possibly why your work around, worked. They’re processed through MomentJS differently, possibly resulting in your results

Take that with a grain of salt though, I’m not a plugin developer, just a compsci major (and sleepy.) Its very possible I’m incorrect. One thing I am sure about is this involves the MomentJS processing

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