Home Page: Why? What for?

Hi. Newbie here. Home Page seems an interesting feature. But I am having trouble envisioning what to do with it or what to use it for? Any suggestions and examples would be helpful. Thanks!

Hi @Rexall9000 , welcome to the community! Fellow user here.

I use the home page as the “front door”, or a jumping-off point for everything in my vault. I keep things organized by topic pages, so the home page is my “top topic” that links to the major areas of my vault. It’s a convenient way to explore the vault and see an overview.

For example, here’s what part of the home page of my reference vault looks like:


Cool. Tks.

Really nice, thank you

Thanks Craig. Very nice.

So, Craig uses his Home Page like a mini-index or MOC.

Anyone else have other uses?


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