Highlighting Text

What I’m trying to do

I can’t seem to select tet in the usual ways, like dragging a cursor over a word, phrase or sentence, or double clicking.

Things I have tried

The usual things, as I mentioned above. In the introduction, the instruction is to copy and paste the following text “# A second brain, for you, forever” into a new note. However, the note already has a title, “Untitled” and I can’t select it to delete it.

Not sure if I quite understand your whole question, but if you have a page with the title ‘Untitled’, you can right-click on it and select ‘Rename’.

On Windows, I click on the + sign, to open a new tab (note), then I press Ctrl+N to create the new note. This then opens a dialogue box called ‘Note title’ with the word ‘Untitled 1’ already highlighted, so I can type the name of the page in.

Is it different for you?

The title you’re seeing is the note name, which is the file name. It’s not part of the the note’s contents. There’s a setting to hide it if you prefer. If you’re dragging up from the content area, it won’t select the note name. Up I may need to click the note name before you can drag to select it.

But you don’t want to paste that text over the note name, you want to paste it in the content area below that. (The instructions you’re following might not have been updated since Obsidian started displaying the note name this way.)

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