Highlight shortest Path between two Notes

I’m suggesting a feature that allows to highlight the shortest ‘way’ between notes in graph view.

For example: you are writing a text and you are looking for an argumental structure. In the paragraph you’re writing you want to link between two concepts.
Now, you have two notes containing these different concepts and you want to know, how (through which other notes) these concepts find together (to find a row of arguments). If both notes are connected two a third note, than its easy to find this connection through graph view. But if both notes are not directly connected, the search can be really difficult.
Instead I’m looking for a feature, that in Graph view lets you insert two (or more) note titles and than shows you the shortest path/connection between them.
Now that you found a path, you can see through which other topics/concepts the two ideas are connected and you can think of an argumental structure for your text.
I also see many other use cases for this.

Would be glad to hear your feedback!

Have you seen the Journey plugin?