Highlight selected page in drop down

Things I have tried

I have searched through forums, the web, and skimmed over Discord. I am probably not calling this the right thing so I don’t know how to search for it.

What I’m trying to do

While I am by no means a CSS expert I can copy/paste a snippet and get a general sense of how to modify these things.

In most Dark Themes I’m finding it really tough to know which file is selected when I type [[something... and the list pops up. I have often selected the wrong file because I use the up or down arrow to select and it’s on the wrong one. Or I end up having to go to the mouse to make sure the right file is selected.

Does anyone have a snippet that changes the highlighted/selected file in the drop down to be highlighted in a lighter color?

I can only tell that Sample A is highlighted below if I squint.

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