Highlight Search Results in Graph View

It would be cool if you could also see the search results in the graph. Maybe then you could see a kind of train of thought. I suggest to mark them in some kind of orange like the search highlight color in the text.

Search Highlight

If the current note is also included in the search results, I’d suggst an orange ring around the note und turn the note white.

Current Note Search Color

I think you can do it already

Thanks! The search in the Graph View apparently hides everything that does not match the search criterion. I would like all nodes that have been found with the normal search (on the left of the window) to be highlighted in the full graph.

@Mutzu Did you click to follow ush’s link? The link was to “Groups”. It doesn’t hide anything.

You can assign a custom color to the results of any search query. That will color all the nodes that match the given query.

For example, I have all my #WIP tagged files as orange. All my notes in my books / Readwise folder as blue. And other meaningful searches to me.

(I understand this FR is different. But don’t discount that as a potential workaround.)