Highlight PDF & automatically build mind-map

I’ve tried MarginNote 3 and I love that there is a capability to have a Study that includes a collection of Documents and I have a split screen view: on the right side, I see a PDF and I can highlight it, on the left, there is a in which an annotation is added to it as soon as I modify it in the PDF. I can also connect these annotations as I want to build the mind map.

This is extremely useful if I want to comprehend some topic because I can see all my annotations in one place and I don’t need to switch between a bunch of documents.

Would be cool to have something like this in Obsidian. I love Canvas and that’s the only reason I use it. But a similar PDF highlight feature could really be something wow.


You can somehow get something similar by relying on Zotero’s annotation feature and the Zotero Intergration obsidian plug-in. However, I would love to see something similar that is native to Obsidian. Hopefully that’s something the devs will consider now that we have the new PDF reader.

Have you looked at the $12 premium version of MarkMind

I absolutely love the basic free version that lets me edit in either markdown or mindmap mode by pressing “Alt + M”

Obsidian markmind docs