Highlight paired brackets

Sometimes when editing LaTeX you end up with a lot of nested brackets, particularly curly brackets. It would be really neat if the Editor could highlight the matching pairs of brackets while I’m editing, similar to a code editor like VS Code.

Example use case

This is an example of somewhat convoluted LaTeX where the feature would really help:
$$\rho = \frac{ \sigma_{a_j \in A_{exp}} \big( \text{UCT}(a) \big) }{ \sigma_{a_k \in A_{rnd}} \big( K(0, a_k) \big) } $$

Desired behaviour

VS Code shows me that I’m currently working inside the brackets. It’d be awesome if Obsidian could do the same.

I guess bracket highlighting would also help in code blocks.


Yes, for situations like these, highlighting bracket pairs would be very helpful

Maybe with a plugin?

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Same here. I think there should be a lot of people with this need… does anyone have a solution now?