Highlight over bold doesn't show properly in Editing mode


As the title says it. After the 1.0 update, I have noticed that in Editing mode highlighting of bold text doesn’t show properly. It does in Reading mode. Here is a screenshot:

Yellow one is built in highlight, red one is Highlightr plugin. Italic also isn’t italic.

I can’t reproduce this with built-in highlight (on iPad). Could you paste the Markdown of your example into a code block here?

Hi! Sorry for the late reply, I had a lot of work and completely forgot about posting this question.

**Lorem ipsum ==dolor sit amet==, consectetur <mark style="background: #FF0000;">adipiscing elit</mark>, sed do eiusmod tempor *<mark style="background: #80FF00;">incididunt</mark>* ut labore et dolore magna aliqua**.

Did you mean this? As I said, the yellow one is a built-in highlight, and the other two are Highlightr, but it doesn’t work just the same.

P.S. I also found out that if I put the entire paragraph into a callout, it displays fine in Editing mode:

this very likely due to your theme. the theme dev would have to change the css selector to ensure the formatting still works for v1.0.x.

what theme r u using?

editing view (live preview by extension) has different css selector for formatting than the reading view. callout, renders the block as a reading view even in editing view (live preview). hence why u get the identical look reading view == callout but not live preview

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I don’t use any Theme. Default, with Light color scheme. I just use several CSS templates for centering the titles, colored folders, justify text and adjustable ‘Readable Line Length’.

What r u using to make different color highlights? That css snippet could be the reason.

I’m using plugin called Highlightr as I said. But I guess you are right - I have disabled it and normal built-in highlights work fine now with bold. Curious. I didn’t think that having Highlightr turned on (without highlighting anything or using built-in highlights) would be the problem.

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