Highlight note in graph view when hovered in sidebar file list

I love using graph view to traverse related topics, quickly, but I find it very difficult to find a specific note in the huge tree.

I’m often working on a note, or have several recent ones in the left sidebar that I need to find quickly in the graph view.

My suggestion is when hovering over a note in the left sidebar, highlight the node in the graph view. This would allow us to find and traverse quickly in graph view!


I think this request is actually different: the one you linked to seems to talk about a “selected note”, which I interpret to mean a note that is currently opened.

However, this feature request is about to highlight a note that is not necessarily open in Obsidian, but that is hovered with the mouse cursor in the side menu. That would be a quick way to go through notes listed in the menu and see where each of them are located in the graph. I’d love this kind of feature. :heart:

Thanks for the correction @Jare I’ve withdrawn my previous post. :+1:

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