Highlight and Pipelink

Allow the ability to highlight a section of text, hit a hotkey (or tool icon), it then brings up the normal link search. You can then select a link or type in a new note name or paste a URL and it will auto create a pipelink with selected note and hilghted text (See TiddlyWiki for Implementation).


This would really open up the flow that networked thoughts apps thrive on. The more convenient (quick/easy) options that invite more linking and minimize friction the better.


I like the idea. What if there was a more general hotkey to bring up a menu of options for what to do with a note? This could include searching, opening in a different software, opening normal link search (like you said), etc.

Can you think of any other use cases for this kind of tool? Is the level of highlights too small a scope for this kind of thing? I’m thinking about the implications of integrating this sort of thing with a visualized breadcrumb trail or a larger, OS-level path-based copy-paste

We already kind of have that capability with the three little dots next to the note title, so I’m not sure if a hot key would be that much quicker.

What do you mean by the level of highlights?

My typical workflow looks like this

  1. Scan sentence for a word or phrase I want to link to another note
  2. When I find the word, I click the front of it, hit the left arrow, then the spacebar
  3. Then I type in [[
  4. search for the note I want to link, which then autocompletes the link
  5. then I delete the ]] portion of it, add a |, remove the spaces between vertical bar and original word I wanted to link
  6. Finish off by adding the ]] at the end of word I wanted to link

All that could be avoided if the program allowed me to select a word highlight style, hit a hotkey and select what I want it linked to. TiddlyWiki does this nicely.

Here is very similar request: Small but big QoL: When linking a pre-existing word or phrase, display the note suggestion menu
Can they be merged?

I would rename “highlight” to “select” in title and in posts, as a lot of people will associate this with ==syntax==.

Do you now of some good video illustration from TiddlyWiki / YouTube that you could embed or link from original post? I am too lazy to search for it :slight_smile:

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