Higher contrast by default for link dropdown

When creating a [[link]], I have a drop-down menu with a few names. As someone with good vision but terrible grasp of colours, I don’t see which of these names I’m currently hovering on when I’m using the keyboard arrows to navigate them.

I know I could fix this with custom CSS, but this is more of an accessibility issue which could be addressed in a bug fix and most likely doesn’t only affect me!

(Highlighting Kropotkin here.)


I use the dark theme (and there may be an accessibilty issue there, too) but it appears to be much worse on the light theme. I’d say this needs a built-in fix, definitely.

dark theme for comparison

Will fix in the next release!


A bit higher now. How do you like it in 0.6.1 @lexane?

Perfect on low brightness, thanks! On high brightness, it stays white, but it looks more like a monitor issue than an Obsidian issue at that point, so I’d consider that fixed :slight_smile:

Thank you very much!

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Thank you! Moving this to the bug graveyard :slight_smile:.