High CPU and energy usage

The issue

Every time I start writing a note in Obsidian, my computer’s CPU usage increases a lot (going from almost 0% to about 30 or 40%). I didn’t notice any performance issues, i.e. my computer didn’t slow down and nothing crashed. However, the fans start to run like I’m playing a heavy game.

My notes are pretty simple (text only - college notes, no pictures). I also don’t have many notes or folders.

Things I have tried

I’ve tried disabling hardware acceleration and haven’t noticed any difference. I also compared it with the hardware acceleration on and didn’t notice a difference. I compared it with other writing programs and none of them had this problem.

What I’m trying to do

I hope the CPU usage rate isn’t that high and my computer doesn’t feel like it’s running a game when typing something in Obsidian.

Additional Information

I’m running Obsidian v.0.14.6 on a i5 (10th gen), 8GB RAM, Win 11 computer.

Have you tried opening only the Help vault and seeing if you still have the same issue? Have you tried running your vault with all community plugins disabled?

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