Hierarchy / Breadcrumbs / Filter out outgoing links?

Things I have tried

Just starting out with obsidian. Im liking it but i need to figure out this thing here.
Breadcrumbs plugin didnt work for me for some reason. Also, I think i want something else. I am attaching the pics here.

What I’m trying to do

  1. I have a main note named [[Bacteriology]].
  2. Inside that i have [[Gram positive bacilli]]
  3. In [[Gram positive bacilli]] i have a note named [[Anthrax]]
  4. Now i have created a template at the top of the all notes which says which topic and subtopic it belongs to.
  5. When i mention the main topic [[Bacteriology]] in [[Anthrax]] it creates a link (in the graph view) from [[Anthrax]] to [[Bacteriology]] which i dont want.
  6. But i want to keep the [[Bacteriology]] mention in the [[Anthrax]] note so that i know which topic / subtopic it belongs to and i can click it and move to to main topic rightaway.
  7. #no-tag which someone told me omits the [[Anthrax]] altogether from the graph view.

If there is any other way to achive the same result, will be nice to mention notes without them showing in the graph view.
Dont want this Anthrax to Bacteriology link here >
graph view

There is a breadcrumbs plugin

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