Hiding the text

Hello. Is there any way to quickly hide the text under the spoiler? It is inconvenient to write details tags all the time. Thank you.


I don’t understand exactly what you mean. Can you post a screenshot?

How else can I hide the text?

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try this:

  <summary>Short Summary</summary>
  <p>text to hide</p>

I know that, thank you. The question was different. Are there any hotkeys to create these spoilers? And if not, I think it’s a very useful feature to add.

Some kind of a text snippet app would help you auto create the tags.

Espanso is one app that several users on this forum and Discord have recommended. I use Alfred on MacOS.

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Sorry for the necroposting. But how exactly do you use Alfred? Could you show me please?


Ones I use:
phonephone - types my phone number.
sdate - 2021-06-29 - types the MacOS {date:short}, which you configure in MacOS.
jdate - 2021-06-29 - Tuesday (this is how I configure {date:long} in MacOS for use in journals)
@@ - types my email
ttime - 8:10 PM - to write out the current time. I timestamp my journals all the time.

I have more, but those are examples. I do not use snippets to address the issue that was raised in this thread, if that’s what you were asking.

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I am also looking for an inline spoiler tag. Something like in logseq

this is {{cloze top secret}}

renders as



Any update on this?

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Discord’s syntax achieves this with ||
e.g. || Spoiler Text ||

Renders like this

Would love to have this functionality.


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