Hiding objects in canvas for better performance

Hello everybody,

im using the canvas for a big project and its great. The integration with obsidian, the drag and drop functionality, the simplicity… its great. But the thing is i think the most use cases for canvas is when one note isnt enough, when your thoughts cannot be summed up in one note or when you have to brainstorm before creating a final note. If a feature needs better performance, then its canvas

My personal use case:

I have an exam soon and i have big amount of topics that i have to learn for, also a lot of subtopics. Now, even though everything is sorted by the subject, not every note might be useful, and some notes might not be that important. Im using canvas to display every note, every attachment and such stuff to link notes together.


Being able to select a bunch of objects and to hide them, would help a lot. By not rendering a bunch of the stuff i dont work on anymore i could save a lot of resources. Basically the same way you would create a group.

My device:

Macbook Air m1