Hiding link "^9ajy938" type thing by "commenting" it %% - %% - is there a way to have this done automatically?

When you link paragraphs by adding the ^ symbol do a [[ ]] link, e.g. [[Disney^Mickey Mouse]] it adds a string to that paragraph, I assume so it can find it?

From a purely aesthetic view, I don’t like that, since this string will also show up in preview mode. So I found out that you can comment it by putting %% %% around it.

Is there a way to have this done automatically, so that when I link a paragraph and this type of string appears, it would automatically be put in comment?


Open your “Help” vault. Go to “Link to blocks” and you can check that the block ID is visible only in editor mode, not in preview mode.

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I’m not sure I understand. Are you saying that there’s a setting I can change so the block ID only appears in Editor? Or that that it’s by default that you cannot see it in Preview?

I apologize, you were right, it doesn’t appear in Preview mode. I must have done something to an ID so that it did show up. Now it’s fine again.


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