Hide the "Add Property" button in reading mode

Use case or problem

The “Add Property” button obstructs the reading view, and isn’t cohesive with the reading/editing views system.

Proposed solution

Hide the “Add Property” button on reading view, show it on editing view only. Maybe disable property editing on reading view too, since currently you can edit them.


It’s not just add properties, you can edit the ones that are already
there. This was an intentional decision.

Workaround CSS snippet:

.markdown-preview-section > .mod-header > .metadata-container > .metadata-content > .metadata-add-button {
	display: none;
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A made a workaround which can let you disable and enable the display of “Add property” button. Here is how to do it

I think this solution should be reconsidered. Totally understand it being intentional, but I’m now often confused whether I’m in reading mode or live preview. It’s great being able to edit properties in read mode, but the ‘Add Property’ button visually communicates that I’m able to edit the document - even when I’m not.


I wouldn’t go as far as to say that it’s confusing to tell whether or not you’re in live preview mode or editing mode (at least for me personally) hell I don’t even have any gripes with how you can edit properties in reading mode. I just personally don’t agree with having an X next to everything if you can directly edit the text in reading mode. At the very least it would be nice if you could toggle the X.

Reading mode should completely hide YAML/properties as it did before.

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Yaml was seemless, properties are invasive and against the phylosophy of the tool
please allow people to revert to the old way…
i like obsidian because there is no distraction and yet it’s powerfull, it was great before

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