Hide Tags in the Tags pane

Use case or problem

When using Obsidian, I open the Tags pane to view my selected tags. When I do so, all tags in the Vault are shown in the selected order. This includes tags in templates that contain Templater code which is substituted for the real tags I want on page creation. The issue is that the Templater code is shown alongside the intended tags, and clutter up the view.

Proposed solution

Add a blocklist to Options > Core Plugins > Tags to prevent tags from appearing in the Tag Pane. In my specific case, Iā€™d like to hide the tags %>, <%, tp.date.now("YYYY, and the X emoji.

Current workaround (optional)

N/A - No controls available to block or restrict tags.

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have you found a neat way to resolve this? I have the same question.

You can put tags in template in variables, like this:

let year = "#" + tp.date.now("YYYY")
<% year %>