Hide specific tag in file.tags dataview

hello, is there a way to hide the “#clippings” tag in the file.tags column? thank you for the answers!


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You can through css:

.dataview .tag[href="#clipping"] {
  display: hidden;

Try this expression: filter(file.tags, (t) => t !="#clipping") as tags

TABLE author, date, filter(file.tags, (t) => t !="#clipping") as tags

Won’t that remove the whole row?

@mnvwvnm worked perfectly fine.

Thank you guys, saved me a lot of hassle! @mnvwvnm @ScottKillen

How would you go about hiding multiple tags?

I’m not sure, but something like this:

filter(file.tags, (t) => t !="#tag1" AND t !="#tag2") as tags

In my fast test no.

It worked! Thank you

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