Hide note option as YAML key for graph and search

Use case or problem

Problem: Having to update different queries if I added a new thing to hide.

In a similar topic to write a query over and over to skip some notes from graph (that is being already talked in this ticket) I think there’s still a need to mark out some notes to be hidden from graph and searches.
My thought in this will be that at some point I might have several queries that look like the example on that ticket (my case is for different meetings).
So, I’d have
-path:"daily" -path:"fleeting" -path:"study" -path:"reading" for a general meeting
-path:"daily" -path:"fleeting" -path:"reading" I deleted study since now is relevant to the meeting
-path:"fleeting" Having daily scrum, so everything might be relevant except temporal notes.

Now, let’s say we add a new path (or a single note, or a tag), lets call it#credentials.
Well, these are important to not be shown at any point.
But then I’d have to update and not forget all query templates/presets.
And with 3 queries is not an issue, but there might be more depending on the uses you want to have to search and filter out.

Also, what if something from reading suddenly becomes relevant to be searched? But just a single note, not the entire folder
Then I’d have to move that note to a public reading folder? So that note can show, but the rest can still be hidden and that “searchable” note can still be under a reading related folder.

Of course there’s still a need to search inside those notes, e.g. when I’m not in a meeting and I can safely read all content of my vault.

Proposed solution

As a partial solution, implement a hide or private key in the note’s YAML front matter.
Seems this is already being done in a similar way for the publish feature as mentioned in the documentation to turn on/off the feature for a single note.

To allow searches of these hidden notes, in a similar way to Orphans, have a toggle to include or exclude notes that have this key.

(I mention “partial solution” since this applies only to notes and not to folders as the ticket’s examples mention)

Current workaround (optional)

Use a #hide tag and include it in all queries you do.
This is still a workaround when the templates/presets are ready since any new one you create you’ll have to remember to include this tag.

Related feature requests (optional)

There are several tickets about this, all seem to be redirected to this one:

Not sure if that ticket also includes searches in its scope, since I can only see mentions of filtering graph