Hide left side bar on startup

I frequently restart the Obsidian client to test settings and reload configuration pokes. Every time I do, I have to re-hide the left side bar, which I have bound to a toggle hotkey.

I’d prefer to have a hidden-by-default configuration option. Is this hiding somewhere within Obsidian settings, or might I be able to use CSS-fu to hide it? I am not experienced in the ways of CSS-fu. Perhaps someone might be able to advise me.

Whenever I close/open a vault or restart Obsidian with multiple vaults open (macOS) they come back in the state they were. Just tried closing all the left sidebars of my vaults and restarted: all the vaults came back with left the sidebars closed.

Do you notice anything else strange with the layout when you re-open an vault? I wonder if your workspace/layout settings (saved in workspace.json) are getting messed up in some way? Ah, if you are wiping out workspace.json, everything about the workspace will be reset.

Maybe set up everything how you want it, and make a copy of that workspace.json file to use as a template for new vaults/configs you make?

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Thanks for the note! Turns out this is a behavior that the File Tree Alternative Plugin modifies, and they do have a toggle to turn that behavior off.

Welp. I went in the wrong direction with that one. :joy:

Glad it’s sorted!

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