Hide hotkeys from command palette

Use case or problem

I have some useful hotkeys that I would like to learn by referencing the command palette. However, this is difficult when I have dozens of unassigned hotkeys clogging up the palette (especially when some plugins create dozens). If it’s unassigned, I probably don’t plan to use it, so I don’t need to see it.

Proposed solution

Two options:

  • A toggle in the settings to automatically hide all unassigned hotkeys from the command palette
  • A toggle beside each command in the hotkeys list (in settings) that lets us manually hide individual hotkeys

Current workaround

My current workaround is to have a favorited doc with the list of my hotkeys, but this seems silly when there’s a command palette available.

We can probably archive this now since the new “pin commands” feature essentially achieves the same end goal.