Hide certain named directory

Use case or problem

For compatibility with other editors like Typora, when set the Default location for new attatchments to In subfolder under current folder, for example, set the Subfolder name to assets

After inserting images to many articles, the result might be, every folder has a folder called assets, but these assets folder don’t possess any markdown files, so they are kind of annoying in the file list:

Users (like me) who love the file list being tidy might want to hide the existence of assets folder in the file list.

Proposed solution

So I suppose Obsidian might could add a feature or plugin to hide certain named folders in the file list.

Current workaround (optional)

Bear with it.

Related feature requests (optional)

Interesting. Just tried because I wanted to say "On Linux, just use a “.dot” folder like .assets.

Obsidian actually creates the .assets folder but neglects to store anything in there! Instead, the files land in the vault’s root!

This might be not practicable anyway, because in Obsidian you would never be able to see the .assets folders and their content …

Oh, yes, the dot folder, that’s true, they can’t be seen. That’s kind of an alternative solution!

New knowledge got! Thank you!!!

Well, only it won’t help much …

Since we’re in “Feature Requests” here, lets ask for the feature that …

  • files can actually be saved into hidden folders,
  • files can be used/retrieved from there (like in Linux, when you know their exact location, even without seeing them)
  • the file explorer pane gets a hotkey (like Ctrl+H in may Linux file managers) to toggle view of hidden files/folders

I think the reason developer hide the dot file is to avoid changing .obsidian folder.

To be more general, I think the feature could be:

  • Add a config on setting, using wildcard character names as rules to hide folders and files.
  • The rule information stored in .obsidian folder.
  • Adding .obsidian to the rules by default.

Kind of like configuring .gitignore.

… and .stfolder :wink:

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You might be able to use css, for example:

used css to hide .nav-folder-title[data-path*="_attachments"]

via @denschub in discord.


A real neat idea, and if you make it a snippet, you can even switch displaying them on and off!