Hide buttons on top menu bar?

Hi all. I’ve found great plug-ins and css snippets for hiding a lot of the icons/buttons in Obsidian that I don’t regularly use, but I still have two more things I can’t get rid of, and they’re both at the top of the default screen: (1) the toggle left sidebar button (I have another way of accessing the left sidebar); and (2) the downward arrow that lets you stack/navigate among tabs (I usually have only 2-3 tabs open at a time, so don’t need this very often). (The Hider plug-in lets me hide both the left/right sidebar buttons, but I only want to hide the left one.) Any tips on how to hide these two buttons? Thanks!

Use a custom CSS snippet. Create a file within .obsidian/snippets, its content should be:

.workspace-tab-header-tab-list > span {
    display: none;

.workspace-ribbon .sidebar-toggle-button {
   display: none;

More on CSS snippets in the docs: CSS snippets - Obsidian Help

To be even more specific I would use these selectors to select the left sidebar button, and the downwards arrow within the root window:

.mod-root .workspace-tab-header-tab-list > span,
.sidebar-toggle-button.mod-left {
  display: none

Without the .mod-root some arrows in the left side panel would possibly be affected. And without the .mod-left also the right sidebar button will not show.

Awesome, thanks for pointing me in the right direction. This seemed to remove the downward arrow but not the sidebar-expand icon.

Awesome, this did both perfectly! Thank you.

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