Hide attachments

Use case or problem

I’m (like many users) have attachments in many folders (and don’t want it all in one folder). I can’t hide them in the left-side panel. If i have, let’s say 20 images in one folder, i have literally spammed left-side panel. It looks ugly and isn’t practical at all.

Proposed solution

Add toggle to settings to hide all attachments (so all other files than .md).

Or, a better solution, make selection menu in settings to determine attachments in which folder i want to have visible and in which folder i don’t. It would clear a lot of junk from that left-sided list.

Current workaround (optional)

Set all attachments to save in one specified folder in settings, and name the folder .attachments so Obsidian excludes this folder from view.

Related feature requests (optional)

There are more options to make this possible. First two i already described above, another would be to, sort of, gray out these attachments so it isn’t at least that much visible.

Bonus words: I’m already using Obsidian for the first few days and i’m absolutely love it! I was afraid of markdown as it isn’t that much clean (or at least that i thought earlier) and can be really hectic to make nice, organized, well-written note. But with live preview it wasn’t hard at all! I learned basics of markdown in like 3 hours and have absolutely no issue with writting in editing mode now (without preview). Sadly, the preview is still buggy, especially with 3rd party plugins (i don’t believe it will be any better as more and more plugins are about to release). Thank you, Obsidian team!!