Hide a Tag´s Hierarchy plug-in

I hope its OK to show off (and thank) someone else’s work! It’s a public plug-in, so nothing sensitive.

The plug-in is Base Tag Renderer

I am trying (new to Obsidian) to use tags extensively in my notes and even in task management. I also am using them to replace a folder structure I used to use. Thus, my tag list requires some, at times, deep hierarchy structure. I have seen others complain that this makes the tags too long, and I agreed. Then I found this plug-in!

It does exactly what I hoped - removes the lower-level hierarchy text when rendering your tag names in a note. It really cleans up the text view. This is GREAT! I noted that it only has 442 or so downloads, so I figured maybe not enough people know it exists. Darron Kuro, the developer, has also helped develop the Dataview plug-in, so you can rest assured it has some quality built in.

I hope this helps a few people out there.