Hidden pages that doesn't show up in the graph

Use case or problem

Sometimes, I have some random notes, and attachments I’d like to be able to access from a page, without it “polluting” my graph.

Proposed solution

Maybe we could use a “magic tag” to tell Obsidian not to render the page in the graph? Say, if we used something like #magic%hidden , and make sure anything of the format #magic% didn’t show up in your tags list, but rather, treat it as a signal to obsidian.

If a page is hidden, I think all attachments added to said page, should be hidden by default as well.

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you can mark those pages with a tag and then filer them out in the graph with -tag:#hide


When the graph is populated by traversing the links, then we could control what to include/exclude by adding properties to the links. Ways to do it are discussed in thread: