Hi & resource management: apps to partner with Obsidian

Cross-post from Discord: Hey guys. I’ve been using Obsidian for around a month for atomic note-taking, and absolutely loving it. The app is stellar, and this community (I’ve been a-lurking) is awesome. Here’s a bit of an intro from me and a question for the gaps in my workflow that Obsidian doesn’t cover.

I’m a teacher, half way through year eight at an international school in Asia, which will be my last. In the summer I’ll be moving to a small island in the South Atlantic where I’ll be heading up the strategic edtech stuff, teaching courses in computing and media and doing lots of fun teacher training work alongside starting my long-planned PhD. All of this is super exciting, not just in and of itself but as an opportunity for me to re-examine how I do what I do. I’m a really heavy cloud service user here in Taiwan, because bandwidth is like oxygen, but my new home has satellite internet connectivity which is unreliable and extremely expensive ($7USD per GB) until Google lands a data cable there (currently planned for 2022).

Right now my workflow is split between Obsidian for atomic notes and Notion for knowledge & resource bases (document/media storage & archiving, etc), and it’s becoming pretty clear that I need to pivot to an offline-only option with local backup before I go. I’m 100% happy with Obsidian for notes, and the more heavily I invest time in this the more sure I am that this will become a bigger part of my process, but given my extremely resource-dependent specialism a document & media management tool is a must. Evernote is the obvious choice but it’s not completely clear how well it fares offline-only.

Anyhow, I’m really glad to be here, and would be grateful for any pointers.

Maybe look into Zotero if you want a dedicated app? Or MarkDownload if you want to consolidate into just Obsidian.

In my work as a researcher and filmmaker, I’ve recently been creating catalogs for media management of photos, footage, etc. for myself, but mostly for a friend, an art professor and filmmaker.

I’ve been leveraging Obsidian’s foundations in local storage to turn an entire project folder on an external hard drive into an Obsidian vault. This is perfect for making and organizing catalogs of massive amounts of content with text descriptions, attachments, etc. nested in individual subfolders of the project.

I’m also excited by the possibilities of being able to use it for projects in production, not just completed catalogs. It’s quite neat to embed individual shots, entire rough/assembly edits, or archival artifacts with editing notes, meeting notes, scripts, or story outlines.

I’m curious to know how/if your workflow has changed if you don’t mind sharing. Did you stick to Obsidian for media management?