Hemingway Editor Plugin

I’ve been a long-time fan of Hemingway, which helps “make your writing bold and clear.”

I personally love the inline highlighting of verbose sentences, adverbs and passive voice.

Depending on how the API is shaped and how much access it provides to highlighting, I can build this myself as well.


This looks awesome

Very cool! This reminds me of this example by Gary Provost, coloured by sentence length, to control rhythm.


That would be nice addition to save some time going back and forth :slight_smile:

I actually was just creating an account here to suggest the same thing. I use Hemingway for all my writing and I’ve been copying text back and forth between that and Obsidian. Having this information in Obsidian would be awesome.

I can also help write the plugin or test one.

+1 for the Hemingway plugin. It would be really awesome—many people seem to use it and it would instantly become a great addition.

This is an example of someone who reconstructed the ideas behind Hemingway as a web app, the code is open source.


I highly want this plugin. Unfortunately, I’m not a programmer!

Perhaps one could use the retext library? https://github.com/retextjs/awesome-retext .

If someone jumps in, I could help.

Hi all, so I pick up this project and built a plugin that utilizes retext. Thanks @cristian for the suggestion.

If anyone is interested in helping me test it, you can get it here GitHub - patleeman/obsidian-readability

I’m not on this forum much, so feel free to open issues in that repository.

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That’s fantastic, @patleeman.

I will reach out tomorrow on Github to install it.

So happy someone worked on this!


I’ve tried the plugin and find it useful, especially for learning word alternatives.

thank you for this :slight_smile:

Do you think it could be published in the plugin directory? GitHub - obsidianmd/obsidian-releases: Community plugins list, theme list, and releases of Obsidian.

I have a contractor currently working 0.5 FTE on two Obsidian plugins, one of which is a plugin very similar to Hemingway App. Feel free to add your ideas on GitHub: