Helper/plugs for SYNONYM / ANTONYM /Rhyme... LEIXICON

I am really greenhorn… to OBS.
To this time… i dont know, if i deep-dive in…
I want to see first the possibilytis and advantages for my special-use-cages…,
Does it worth to deep-dive-in… for my special-use-cages???

Are there any plugs/ways/plugs… to implement diverse (system or web LEXIKA into OBS?
A Rhightclick (or Mouse-hoover ) on a WORD opens a TEMPORAILY-Float , with choosen Lexikas (from all my installed system/web- Lexicas)?

Is this possible and how to do?

Obsidian as Rhyme-Maschine???

I have a Template with a table, with whole Alphabet (ABC-XYZ) as a ROW and 10 colums for each letter…
So i can create dozens, hundreds, thousands… special (word) rhyme-files.

For Example:

includes as (part of the table) Team, spleen, bean, lean, Creme, seem… and so on…

If i now use another template (songwrite) i want that this Template( new doc) is automatically linked to all of my ALPHABET-RHYME files…

I i now type in e.g. “SPLEEN” and then hoover/rightclick…than a FLOAT appears with my DREAM-file… (I never linked/tagged SPLEEN), but as PART of DREAM it will react???
Are such STUNTS possible?