Help with writing software documentation | Obsidian Publishing and workflow ideas

Hello! I have a project to write documentation for a open-source graphical software and make it available online for everyone in a easy wiki-like, well organized and collaborative experience.

As I was already familiar with Obsidian and thought it could be perfect for doing that, but Obsidian Publish is too expensive for a project I won’t get any money back. So I searched the alternative solution of using github + cloudflare +jekyll and it seems to be working:

The problem so far has been dealing with jekyll and it’s incompatibility with obsidian special markdown format. I have to use HTML to insert images and there’s no callouts, for example (something really useful for writing documentation)

So, is there a better alternative*? Or a way to better understand/tweak jekyll? The documentation I’ve read so far is very technical and even though I can get away with some technical stuff, I’m not a programmer.

*I’m open to suggestions outside obsidian.

You could try using the Digital Garden plugin, which is a free alternative to Obsidian publish. It supports most of the obsidian markdown syntax, as well as diagrams such as mermaid or PlantUML.

Full disclaimer: I’m the author of the plugin.


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